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from. sean: is the white house spasming the american people. >> no offense to crossdressers. sean: james traficant is getting out of jail. plus karl rove, tucker carlson and premier of our "sleen-in panel." americans are outraged by the health care bill. the daily presidential tracking poll has the approval rating at a negative eight with those who strongly disapprove of his performance outnumbing those who strongly approve. the president continues. he is living in his own radical bubble. today he had another one of those town hall events where there was wide public support for nanny-state health care and lots of love, praise and support for the annointed one, the president of the united states. and here are some scenes from the president's town hall from earlier today in montana. >> that is for all. [applause] >> thank you, montana. thank you. [applause] sean: nobody in the president's make-believe world rkts they don't like guns very much in montana, do they? >> i'm a proud n.r.a. member. [applause] >> i believe in our constitution and it's a very important thing. sean: i think
of the american people. they want to diminish this. it may be the chicago way. you've talked a lot on your radio show. we've talked here on "hannity" about sol lawinski. what are the tack taiex they're using? >> the tactics won't work because the american people are not stupid. the fact is the american people know this president is spending this nation into oblivion. the american people know that independent entities like the congressional budget office have said this is unsustainable. the american people know that the congressional budget office said not only is this health care plan unsustainable, it won't cover all the uninsured. and in addition to that, ladies and gentlemen, you will lose your private health care. so they don't want it. sean: and we know the models have failed wherever it's been tried. whether great britain or france or wherever it happens to be. >> russia. china. sean: where do we start? but the white house counsel, first of all, they send these politicians out with these almost moronic talking points. they got laughed at, mocked and ridiculed. but now they're promising, we
life a president tell the american people to shut up. i really haven't. if you look at the people around him, he's got al capone there. who is rahm emanuel. he's got myra laski who is david axelrod. he would be solinski. if they want to call names we can call names. but really who is behaving like they're a mob? it's them and they're sending their favorite union thugs into these town hall meetings. to give them some muscle. i got a little bit of news for them. we outnumber you and we don't give a damn what you send into the town hall meetings. we're going to keep going to the town hall meetings and we don't want what you're trying to ram down our throat. sean: one other thing -- you know what's amazing to me, because i thought this was -- liberals always celebrated, they were the great defenders of the first amendment. >> never. sean: this is democracy in action. and wasn't the president of the united states once himself a community organizer? >> well, he was. and, you know, we just demand that we be treated with the same respect that obama gives the terrorists at guantanamo bay.
. the american people have been extremely effective with congress, now is not the time to give up. now is not the time to take the pressure off. they will move forward with some level of a public auction. it might not be the full level that they want but it will be incrementally in that direction. if they have to wait a couple of years to get the public auction, they will do it. the american people need to rise up and say no. sean: i think that they are playing word games. this is a strategy. they will call it something else. if the government ultimately decides who is covered, if the government decides what people can charge, if the government decides what care you get, it is still destroys the public free market system, the private insurance system. >> yes, because it is government control and mandates. the government mandates that you do something or they will do it to themselves. clearly they're not going in the direction people want to go. we are known for innovation in health care in minnesota. we have a great medical schools. we have a gentle man who in his garage in scented the
the oversite of tarp. and the important responsibility we have in protecting the american people and passing the supplemental that we did earlier there year. and the bill for american fallen troops. now you see some of the recovery acts provision for public safety being distributed through the country. so we're very proud. it's a time to pause and reflect on this very productive congress. as we go out to promote health care reform for all americans that have quality, affordability and accessibility. that will be done in a face cli sound way -- face cli -- fiscally more sound, and reduce the cost of our entitlements to the american people. so we're very, very proud of the work that we have done and we look forward to the commerce committee passing out its health care reform bill this afternoon so we will have all three of our committees reporting out. we'll prepare in august for how we go forward. and my colleagues will spend more time on that subject. but, i want to commend all the leadership. we've acted not only as a team but as a partnership. and our members have the stamina and the coura
and not with the democratic party. >> eleanor. >> first of all, cindy said to shout down over people views is un-american. they didn't call the shouters un-american. i think the president has lost momentum here. people who have insurance are worried that they are going to lose something in this very extensive package. and the president really doesn't have a single bill that he can point to. he doesn't have a clear message and all of the bills floating around on political provide lots of inviting targets for people who want to kill healthcare and want to kill the obama presidency along with it. the political stakes here are huge and the president has done a good job with the special interest. they are all tentatively on board. it's the political opposition that is much more intense this time and it seems to have caught the obama administration by surprise. >> you are seeing the american people are mad and they are not going to take it anymore. they see an out of control, unresponsive government which is supposed to be responsive and representative of what they want and what they need. they don't see that
. they're asking people to leave. "they don't belong here." since when do american citizens not belong confronting their public servants. is that new in america? >> that report showed you and your viewers the sights and sounds of democracy in action. i think that should be applauded and we should say thank you to the people who are standing up to a very bad idea. we have in this tradition an ability for people to fight against ideas they don't like. we want them to do it peacefully and civilly but this should be respected, not criticized. if anybody is undermining the direction of the country it's people like dr. dean who say we should have a new health care system proposed by president obama. sean: interesting to see if the media will call him out on what he just lied about because we saw the tape and heard him with our own ears. 58 democratic senators. obviously byrd and kennedy are not feeling well so i wouldn't expect them to have a town hall but less than a third are willing to go out and meet with the american people. grandmothers, stay at home moms, veterans, concerned citizens.
government health care system in america and the debate us between the democrats honey american people now. and what we wanted mostly is to be able to put the bill itself on the internet and on the airwaves so the american people know what is in it. they know it will cut medicare, they know it will raise taxes, on the small businesses and create jobs and they know it will eliminate jobs across the country. >> chris: what do you think will end up happening as a result. >> what will happen is you will see americans take to the street in august, and go to their congressman's office and they'll go to town halls, and i think they will let congressmen and senators so they need to keep their hands off their health care. >> chris: congressman rangel, according to the polls, support for the president's health care reform plan is dropping. how worried are you, about what will happen this august, in terms of the battle to define health care reform? >> i'm not worried at all. the president polls we and the congress in this senate and this house we should have his numbers, in terms of that but i'm surp
wanted to do mostly was put the bill on the internet and the airwaves so the american people know what's in it. they know it's going to cut medicare. they know it's going to raise taxes on small businesses that create jobs. >> what do you think will end up happening as a result? >> you're going to see americans take to the street in august and go to their congressmen's office and go to town halls and i think they're going to let congressmen and senators know they need to keep their hands off their health care. >> according to polls, support for the president's health care reform plan is dropping. how worried are you about what's going to happen in august as far as the battle to define health care reform? >> i'm not worried at all. the president polls, the senate and the house, we should have numbers falling. i'm really surprised at jim being so negative with a problem that all americans recognize face this nation. it's not any american, any adult american at least that doesn't have a horror story of what has happened to them under this terrible system. and the republicans and jim, they
. house leaders nancy pelosi and steny hoyer tried to explain why you, the american people, are so angry, and they wrote in "usa today" that "these disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views, but of the facts themselves. drowning out opposing views is simply, they say, un-american." the white house later today tried to quickly distance themselves from these comments. but at this point the democrats have compared those of us who oppose health care, they've compared us to nazis, they've called us brownshirts, crazed mobsters that are manufactured by the r.n.c. and now they're accusing people of being un-american, all in an effort to shut down dissent. so they steam rolled this bill through congress. will they be successful? this sounds as american as apple pie when people are speaking out. joining us now, the author of "the new york times" bestseller, "catastrophe," dick morris. drowning out opposing views is simply un-american. the d.n.c. called the american people mobsters. congressmen have referred to these people as being like tim mcveigh, nazis,
, and another democrat is held accountable by you, the american people. today, that democrat was senator arlen specter and he proved just as incapable of handling the frustrations of ordinary americans as all the democrats who came before him. the event reached the tipping point when a man rose to confront the senator. look at how specter reacted. >> you want to be -- you want to be led -- you want to be led out of here? you are welcome to go. now wait a minute, now wait a minute, now wait a minute. wait, wait a minute: wait a minute, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. you want to leave? leave. sean: he wasn't going to allow the senator to shout him down. here's what happened next. >> well, i got news for you, you and your cronies in the government do this kind of stuff all the time. well,. [ applause ] i'm not a lobbyist, all kind of money to stuff in your pocket so you can cheat the citizens of this country so i will leave and you can do whatever the hell you please to do. sean: now, meanwhile, president obama, he spent the day in dream land. he hosted a well choreographed and orc
sean: tonight, a dnc scare tactics reached new heights attacking the american people. our country forward so they called out the mob. >> that is what they are calling your outrage over their health care bill. >> you are lying to me. sean: americans are making their voices heard. wait until you see these videos. >> i want to thank president bill clinton. sean: bill is back. >> when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. sean: is this a propaganda victory for kim jong il? all that and much more. it seems that more and more americans are speaking out against the direction in which democrats are now taking the country. that is our headline this wednesday night. outrage. unlike when it was members of the wrong party, democrats are chastising anybody with an opinion. the democratic national committee has released an advertisement calling protesters "an angry mob." let's take a look. >> the extremist republican base is back. they lost the election. they lost on the recovery act, the budget, and children's health care. they lost the confidence of th
of being energy tax versus no energy tax. it was energy tax versus lots of energy. the american people turn out and 79% of the country believes we ought to produce american energy. one fact as to the kind of debate you could have on your campuses. some of you have heard about the concept called peek energy. liberals say we are about to run out of fossil fuel and they don't count coal because then it it wouldn't be true. so they only count oil and natural gas. well, now it turns out we have new technology in natural gas, we can drill down 8000 feet and drill out horizontally in every direction. the result is we're discovering gas in shale and we have enormous quantities of gas, from western new york to western pennsylvania, through eastern ohio, through west virginia and kentucky, all the way down across texas. there is this enormous deposit of natural gas, none of which we knew about five years ago because it wasn't economically developable because we didn't have the right technology. now how much natural gas? well, in the last five years we've discovered over 100-year supply. so now if you
and his associates negotiated any part of this, because the american people need to know. >> we need full disclosure and a kind of transparency that barack obama promised when he was ushered into office. we need to know the disclosures every time david axelrod went on tv to push the health care plan by obama blogging money to advertise for it. every time the white house denies something, they admit that someone was right. that is the case with the white house emails. fox was the only one to question them on that. this requires a white house reality check. we want people to investigate the fishing information and deals. sean: we have more evidence of the chicago style politics. henry waxman sent out a letter to insurance companies demanding documents about compensation, business practices. they want to intimidate, harass, and use this as a form of the ionization of the health-care industry that they have focused -- demonization of the health- care industry that they have focused on. does that concern new? >> yes. it is a case of double dealing. at the same time you have all waxman and nanc
's destroying your presidency for political gain. now, the american people know their motives. 78% of them say they have no confidence in the congressional republicans that are going to make the right decision for the country. insurance reform should be a slam dunk. the majority of americans want it. democrats have huge majorities in the congress. americans don't trust the republicans. but once again, once again, it's our friends the democrats that are strew skroouing up their own story here. here's senator ken conrad on the wrong channel. >> there are many more who are open to the cooperative option as being the way to bridge the gap between those who are passionately in favor of public option and those who are passionately opposed. there are not the votes in the united states senate for public option. that's why i was given this assignment to try to come up with an alternative. >> but wait a minute, you're a friend of mine, you're a reasonable guy and good guy. all these town hall meetings are taking place. how do we know we don't have conservative democrats changing their minds when we come
't know what's wrong, saying people are un-american, saying they have swastika, or that reaction, it tells a lot. >> it is a teachable moment, to borrow president obama's favorite phrase. the imperiousness with which sheila jackson lee acts and these regal people in washington are completely disconnected from reality, sean. there's a constituent who took the time out of her day to come and ask questions and share her concerns, and sheila jackson lee is on the cell phone? hello. what was really amusing about it was her explanation in which she sniffed that in congress, you have to multitask. amazing. sean: that's multitasking. this is a woman with real concerns. we're trying here on this program, last night we had the woman who confronted arlen specter on the program, very powerful testimony she gave, in just a minute, we'll be joined by that elderly gentleman who had that confrontation who has a whole host of illnesses he's dealing with, he's going to join us. we're trying to give voice but when the government refers to them as mobsters and un-american, is this the first time in our life t
of the american people. politics of the policies to tap that potential, to ignite the spark of creativity and ingenuity which has always been at the heart of who we are and how we succeed. at a time when folks are experiencing real hardship, after years in which we have seen so many failed to take responsibility for our collective future, it is important to keep our eyes fixed on the horizon. every day i hear from americans who are feeling firsthand the pain of this recession. these are folks who share their stories with the letters and at town hall meetings, folks to remain in my mind and on my agenda each and every day. i know there are countless families and businesses struggling to just hang on until this storm passes, but i also know that if we do the things we know we must, this storm will pass, and it will yield a brighter day. >> hello, i am center john thune of south dakota. children are enjoying vacations and time off from school. to many of their parents do not get a vacation about their -- from their worries about the rising cost of health care. they are looking to us in washi
health care in a nondiscriminatory way. we are joined by the american association of people with disabilities, the american cancer society, the american heart association, the american stroke association, the american lung association, the epilepsy foundation, and since he came in second in the tour de france, i'll mention the lance armstrong foundation. the administration also opposes this amendment. >> >> i just wanted to say that we spend a lot of time on our subcommittee -- a lot of time in our subcommittee meetings on this issue. this is something that is very difficult to figure out the balance for so we do not start discrimination again on the one hand and have programs for wellness. it was suggested that this should be lifted the regulatory process. it would be very difficult to come up with language that would strike the proper balance. the way the amendment is structured, it would continue with some of these discriminatory practices. therefore, i would oppose it at this time. >> we have a request on the other side of the aisle. >> yes, i would like to ask my collea
that they have of the american people considering how closely they seem to be able to follow the mood of the public during the campaign. it is as if they moved to washington, turned off the water, put themselves in protective hearing in a soundproof booth, and they are not listening to what is going on. sean: we've gone through the list of names. unamerican. nancy pelosi and steny hoyer. political terrorists. brown shirts. now, harry reid, evil mongers. >> even dramatically, that is a mess. it is like it burped out of him. he is having political in digestion. sean: i agree with everything that was written on the blog. if you read the bill, and i wrote -- i read every page, they talk about the end of life counseling sessions. one of the chief advisers is rahm emanuel's brother. here's what he said. services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being more becoming participating citizens, get this, are not basic, should not be guaranteed, and obvious -- an obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia. that sounds to me like we are g
american people do not leave their houses and go to town hall meetings unless they care and they are concerned and they are concerned about a deficit in the trillions and a healthcare proposal that will increase it in the trillions and i know this thing is only going to cost a trillion but when government says a trillion multiply by three, four and five. these are good american people that care about this country and it is stupid for the politicians to ignore them and actually put them down. >> what to you make of how this is escalating right now, charles? who is right? >> well, listen, first of all, to me it seems like animal farm. the people who had the revolution once they are empowered. any protests, they shut them down. it was like now that you are in a position to -- >> i was thinking west side story. >> without the singing and dancing, yes. but, of course, real, that is the bottom line. i think it is alarming to me that this was going be an inclusive presidency and it is not. any one who has any criticism of them are being thrust aside or treated really with almo
withdraw any time behind the kremlin walls. >> you see it in the polls, the opposition, the american people in opposition to this healthcare overhaul rising but they still believe that congress is going to push through something anyway. here is your congressmen, i'm going to do whatever i want. >> sheamful. you are right, shameful. >> i completely disagree because they know very well that if they disregard their constituents' wishes they won't be re-elected next time they run. they have to run for re-election every two years and we know that. this is a classic example of the tyranny of the minority which scared by the -- >> what are you talking about? what minority? >> you can't prove it because -- let me finish my point. just because you yell the most loudly doesn't mean you are in the majority. this is not a silent majority. this is a bunch of very motivate and loud and poorly behaved people. >> adam, my dear friend, the great majority of americans are happy with their healthcare plan. this is for a tiny slice of obama's core constituency. they will turn the healthcare up side down for ev
for $1.4 trillion healthcare bill. they did a big stimulus package. obviously, the american people are upset about the deficit. so i just don't see that happening. if that doesn't happen i don't see a plan "b" for the administration. as he suggested normally under the circumstances you would go to cutting taxes in a recession. but they need all the tax revenue they can get for the healthcare bill. where does that lead us? >> if i listen to the town hall meeting, anger over healthcare reform, true. but there seems to be anger about the government spending that is just out of control. another stimulus plan would make it worse, wouldn't it? >> there is no question about it. this rage out there that is not just republicans and conservatives but independent voters is really a result of the massive debt. look. the voters get the joke. if you have 800 billion of spending it's not free. it has to come from somewhere. that is the fallacy of the stimulus idea. people know that their taxes will have to be raised later to debt is going to have to go up by a massive amount to pay for the spendi
setbacks won't cut back his call for recent changes this year. >> my obligation to the american people says that we're going to get this done one way or another. >> we'll assess the policy and political hurdles in the senate with republican richard lugar and joe liberman and democrat joe harden. >>> and then our american dispatch from ft. riley, kansas, off to war again. the soldiers and families of the first infantry division take another turn in the army cycle of family strain. >>> this is the "state of the union" report for sunday, august 23rd. >>> karzai and his challenger are claiming victory, raising tensions even though it could be weeks or more before the official results are certified. it is an uncertain military situation, as well, with fighting between u.s. forces and the taliban intensifying. and fresh indications president obama could soon be asked to commit more american troops. here to talk about this and other global challenges are the chairman of joint chiefs of staff mike mullen and karl eikenberry. mr. mullen, there are complaints escalating about fraud in the elections.
how to get big legislation passed the congress. although the american people would like bipartisanship, the republicans are not inclined to do that so we're on our own. that's a good thing. now we can get down to business of seriously drafting a bill that will work. this is really not a left versus right issue or a liberal issue. i'm not in this because i'm an ideological left winger. if i were, i would be for single-payer. i'm in this because this works. they can go to the public option or stick with the private insurer. >> there are a lot of democrats dpis pinted thinking the president haven't been strong enough on the public option. is it time in your opinion for him to step up and tell the grassleys of the world this is where we're going to go on health care reform. you're either with us or you're against us because this is where the american people are. what do you think about the president drawing that line in the sand? >> i think when the president draws lines in the sand it ought to be privately not publicly. this is the president's decision time right now. i think you're right
is in the bill. it is not what the american people want. that is why they are voicing their american concerns. there is nothing on american about voicing -- uun-american for -- there is nothing un- american about voicing concerns. bill: it goes on further. "health care is complex and touches every american. people must be allowed to learn the facts. do you think that the people know what is in that bill? >> i do not believe so. but if the american people had not been speaking out loudly to slow this process down, the bill would have already passed the house. the speaker said that she wanted it passed by the end of july. the bill empowers washington to decide what kind of health care they will get. it is simply not what the american people want. bill: carried all over the networks, but none of that is happening. you charged against the white house that they manufactured the outrage. >> without a doubt. they believe that the best way for them to pass what they want is to get sympathy and rally their troops. they are better organized than the opposition. the opposition is the american people say
they do it. >> i don't think they can. the american people don't want to see something of this significance to be done with only one-party support. they want bipartisan consensus because they understand that day protects their interests. trying to muscle this through using some of these protected procedures in the senate would result in a huge backlash for democrats. i don't think they would get it done. >> we had 16 years to do something, nothing happened even when the republicans controlled both the congress and the white house. what the democrats want to do is lower costs provide choice for all americans and keep their existing insurance that they have we have the votes necessary. everyone knows that. we are moving it through committee. but the white house must revamp their message this coming fall to ensure the american people are coming along and how the american people will benefit from it. >> you say revamp the message. i want to move on to a connected issue, the border economy. donna brazile did not just bring her charts today, she's in the "washington post" thi
't the best time to get the attention of the american people. and yet it's the very moment that they need to do that. >> well, they, i think we are seeing them trying to push back on some of the things that are scaring americans, like the idea that older americans would have to have counseling on end of life care. that's a, basically, a twisted version of something that is a provision in the bill, that would allow medicare to pay doctors to have those kind of sessions, if a senior wanted to have that conversation. i think they feel the need to push back on some of those tactics. and the fact is, their best salesman is barack obama, even though we've seen some erosion in his approval ratings, he is the person who is best trusted by americans to make the case that this is a change that is worth having. so not maybe the total august vacation he had hoped for either. >> it's interesting. i also hear more talk in recent days from the administration about the economy. they are walking a line here, because day do want to take credit for some of the improvements, but they recognize for ordinary a
the american people he would not sign a bill without a public option. >> any plan i sign must include an insurance exchange. a one stop shopping marketplace where you can compare the benefits, costs, and track records of a variety of plans. including a public option to increase competition and keep insurance companies honest. >> the public option, whether we have it or we don't have it, is not the entirety of health care reform. this is just one sliver of it. one aspect of it. >> same president, different answer, i don't like it. in july, the president promised health care reform. centered around a public option. now he acts like it's just another footnote on the stomp. lin did douglas, the white house communications director for health care reform, insists nothing has exchanged. you've got me -- well, not confused. i'm disappointed. i'm starting to not believe what's coming out of the white house. it seems like we've got this shell game going on. the president goes out on the stump and says one thing. but inside the beltway they're saying something else and it confuses everybody in t
's healthcare. they have lost the confidence of the american people after eight years of failed policy and cost millions of jobs. now, desperate, they are organizing angry mobs, just like they did during the election. their goal is to destroy president obama and stop the change americans voted for overwhelmingly for in november. >> it will break him. >> >> i hope he fails. >> this mob activity is straight from the level of high-level political republican operatives. they have no plan for moving our country forward, so they have called out the mob. call the republican party. tell them you have had enough of the mob. glenn: had enough of the mob. i know i have been trying to get a hold of all the union people at the white house to tell them that i'm tired of the mob. did i just say that out loud? out of the thousand of protestors, notice the only ones that the media continues to show over again, the only individual highlighted from this ad and the d.n.c. and then it dies into some sort of third grade "they lost the election, boo-who." now they claim that the g.o.p. has released fake angry mobster
into whether axelrod and his friends and associates negotiated any part of this? the american people would need to know, right? >> yes. we need full disclosure and the transparency that barack obama promised when he was ushered into office. we need to know why there were not refusals or disclosures from david axelrod every time he went on tv to push obamacare at the same time that his former firm was getting money to advertise for it. we are getting a lot of the niles, a blanket denials from the white house. every time the white house deny something, they admit the accusers were right. that was the case with these e- mails. fox news was the first and only one to question them on that. i think all of this requires a white house reality check. where are those people to investigate fishy deals and fishy information, or lack thereof? sean: we have more evidence of the thug-style politics. henry waxman sent out a letter. 52 insurance companies are the recipients. there's a demand for documents about compensation, chris -- business practices, clearly an effort that they want to go up there and intimi
. >> i think the problem is the train is moving backwards and the american people disagree with the level of government intervention, the level of expending, the exploding deficit, the misuse of taxpayer dollars, the lack of accountability, the lack of transparency. this administration did a great job of telling the american people what they would do, they have done a remarkably bad job of executing on their word. that is what you are seeing. >> the poll numbers you are reading are different from the poll numbers i am reading. the polls show the democrats trust the obama administration with the economy. >> what poll numbers are you reading? there suspect a poll that's been released in the last two weeks that show an upward trend in any way, shape, or form for this administration. >> let me ask you a question, danny. >> upside down on health care. >> let me ask you a question. danny, let me ask you a question. they're falling from the stratospheric level to the majority level. he was in the 70s for approval. now he's in the 50s for approval. the majority of americans, majority, i'm talking
this year. >> my obligation to the american people says we're going to get this done one way or another. >> if that's the policy and political hurdles in the senate republican richard lugar and independent joe linerman and democrat benjamin cardin. >>> and he says the house should push the reset button on health care reform. democratic congressman emmanuel cleaver gets "the last word." >>> then on "american dispatch" from ft. riley, kansas. off to war again. soldiers and families from the first infantry division take another turn in the army cycle of families praying. this is "the state of the union" report for sunday, august 23rd. >>> karzai and his top challenger are claiming victory in last week's election. it could be weeks or more before the official results are certified. it is an uncertain military situation as well with fighting between u.s. forces and the taliban intensifying. and fresh indications president obama could soon be asked to commit more american troops. here to talk about this and other global challenges is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mull
insurance companies before the american people. he refused to sacrifice good policy in the name of bipartisanship or compromise. and he refuses to say that we should settle for anything when there's a good chance we can accomplish something that we can all be proud of. having written this joint project with governor dean, you know, i think both egor and i were struck by the fact that he was not in this for any selfish reasons. he was in this for one reason and that's to make sure we get health reform right. he's working tirelessly every day for that cause and he's putting himself out there, he is taking on the attacks, and he has said over and over again, that in order to get this right, there's one thing we have to do, and that's to make sure that all americans have the choice to enroll in a public health insurance option. [applause] >> i can't tell you how refreshing it was to work with governor dean. he's constantly full of energy, he cares a lot, and he's always up for adult conversations by which i mean he loves open, honest, and direct debate. but you don't have to take my
thought it was wise politically to attack the american people like we've seen in the last couple of days. >> it's absolutely mystifying to me. because, you know, in the end the american people hire the politicians. the politicians don't hire the american people. and to go back home and basically insult people who have legitimate questions, who have concerns -- you know, all this is a wonderful moment. it's clear now that the liberals didn't get the bill in the house for the health care. they didn't get the bill in the senate. this is a moment to take a deep breath, go home for five weeks and listen to the american people. instead, because what they're hearing is so negative, they're almost panic-stricken. i don't know what your reaction was to speaker pelosi, but i thought there was an edge there that was strange. >> but if you look at the poll numbers -- i mean, for the democrats in general and congressmen and senators in general, it is about as low as i've ever seen it in my lifetime. it's almost like they're tone-deaf. i don't believe that they believe that the american people disagre
think he won not just because he was black or that influence. most african-americans and a lot of people. i think he won basically because he convinced the american people that he was the right candidate for the times. he promised change, he was a generational difference than senator mccain. senator mccain was an excellent candidate and would have been a good president, but i think the american people were looking for a change from the previous eight years. >> larry: do you think your party's going to pay for some of the way they treated judge sotomayor? and the confirmation hearings? >> i think it'll pass quickly, frankly. i don't think they treated her badly. i've seen lots of confirmation hearings over the years. and what i'm pleased about is once the nastiness started upon her announcement with members who were not on the judiciary committee or were not officials of the party, saying she was racist or she was a reverse racist, saying she ought to withdraw her candidacy, members of the judiciary committee did what they're supposed to do. after a few days of watching this, let's everyb
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